Feeka, Netherlands

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About Karin...

I'm Karin, and live with my friend on Texel, one of the Dutch Wadden islands. Here I am a teacher in high school and teach the arts subjects. My hobbies are art (of course) and everything related to it. And if it is warm enough I like to go to my (really small, but beautiful) beach house, where I enjoy the day.

I'd be glad to recieve any card, but I'll be absolutely happy recieving an card with a work of art from your country :) or anything related to art...
And if you still have no idea what to send me, I olso like cards showing:
Pretty illustrations and drawings; gotochi postcards ; multiple, collection postcard, with strange collections; your language, poetry or books; vintage /retro/ old cards; animals, especially fish and birds; fairies; maps, especially older ones; or a picture from a intresting photographers; mysterious, unusual, scenic or intresting vieuws;...

Please tell me something about yourself, what you've done that day, your hometown, your country or wath the postcard you're sending me is showing and the date!

A request (feel no obligation!):
At the moment I am quite busy making mood books, therefor I collect paper. All kinds of paper are welcome, think of a piece of the local newspaper, a movie ticket, gift paper, candy wrapper, train ticket or something else of your country what you want to share with me. I would be very grateful if you want to send a piece of paper with the card, this may of course in envelope:)
I like surprises!

I truly appreciate all postcards i receive!

Thank a lot, :-D

Happy postcrossing,

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