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About Eugenia...


26y.o., engineer (automatic control systems), came in Kazan about 3 years ago from West Siberia. Is somewhere between Saint Petersburg (rare), Moscow, current place to live, hometown, sending cards from all that places. So, don't be surprised

Do you know a feeling when you're sitting and thinking for very looong time: "oh, dude, what I could send you?" and there is no idea? /there could be a joke about a tumbleweed and music from old-school western, but it rolled away XD /
So, it's my "let's make somebody's life simpler" list )))
- dragons, chimeras, gargoyles and other fantastic beasts
- pandas, elephants, giraffes, wildcats
- eagles, ravens
- whales
- Botanical illustration
- banjo, different kinds of drums, other musical instrument
- space
- motorcycles and everything about the biker's lifestyle
- route 66
- steampunk and Victorian epoch
- something funny, unusual, maybe a little strange
- Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Terry Pratchett's Disk world
- Simpsons
- Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool
- San Francisco
- oldtimers, american trucks (my father is a truck driver, and sometimes I traveled with him)
- music: classic music is more common but I'll be glad to receive something about punk, ska-punk, heavy metal, hardcore, thrash and death metal... (no Metallica after "Justice" please)
- actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Pure feminity!
- postallove cards "greetings from..."
- Santa Muerte cult
- traditional art and art in general, esp.painting and graphic. It would be great to receive something In could copy by my pencil, paints and ink, or something to inspirate
- "there is no kangaroo in Austria"
- Australian road signs

For American postcrossers:
I really love these series of State card:
US-4964449 (have got only PA)
US-4886008 (have got only VA)
US-4985099 (0)
US-4997272 (0)
...and postcards about Texas

No idea to write? Just tell me funny, strange and absolutely absurd news of day. Anything you would publish in "chapiteau" column if you had an own gazette, a crazy kind of everyday routine, a madness that gives a way to understand a national mindset... A story what can be started with the phrase "this is possible only here ". Your city, your country or just your street - doesn't matter

Do you speak Spanish? Please, write at least a few phrases in Spanish. I started to learn this language; books are only books, and real-life linguistic practice would be a great incentive :)

P.s. It would be nice of you to upload pictures of postcard I send you. Sometimes I forget to do it:(