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About Dina...

Bonjour, my name is Dina. I live in Gomel, this is a city in Belarus. Now I'm undergoing internship in pediatrics. But I will be interested in postcards not on a medical topic. This is enough for studying :)
Please send me postcards with hip-hop artists, something related to movies, music, fashion. I will be happy with postcards with art paintings or vice versa street frames, street art, graffiti! I love reading,I love interesting books!
You can send me postcards with metro stations and another underground life and postcards with Buddha or with a Buddhist and Rastafarian theme.
I like to move to the music of hip-hop, disco and reggae :) I like everything related to Alice in the wonderland and magic:)
I love to make 35mm films, they are very atmospheric.
And I love cats very much! I have a cat, her name is Toffie) Therefore I will be happy with postcards with cats!
But in general I will be happy with every postcard)
One peace and one love!

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