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About Olga...

Hello dear friends! Nice to meet all of you here.

I'm 57, have 2 adult daughters, work for Canon Russia.
I am fond of traveling all over the world and have already visited 55 countries. I hope no new 'iron curtain' comes into my life. Everything is wrong today and I'm afraid of it.

I try to find especially what you like to get.
I know exactly that I'm happy to receive:

- ROAD SIGNS and fingers
This things speak volumes. You can also send me plates with street names and building numbers, street advertising and so on. The strangest are the best!
- SUITCASES or travel bags
Traveling is my real passion :)
- HANDS (fingers, palms), FEET even the picture is the strange one.
People's hands show many important things.
- BOOKS, people reading or writing
I'm book-reader and verse-writer.
Please, write the name of an insect in your language in this case if your language is the rare one. NO other insects please if possible :)))
- POST BOXES, post offices
It should be tribute to our Postcrossing friendship.
- I worship Inge Löök's OLD LADIES and will be happy to collect them all before I can fully identify myself with one of them! :).
- I am glad to get any other unusual image of the old lady or/and gentleman if you have it. OLD COUPLES are the best. My parents are both 84 and they are perfect!

Please NO envelopes and NO double cards if possible. I do NOT like landscapes and city views, but any card is welcomed for shure.

Please write some words - any european language is fit for this case. I register immediately and then scan all the cards you've sent me.

Best regards to everybody! Postcrossing means peace.

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