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About Marieke...

Hi there,

My name is Marieke (or Anne, if you prefer).
I live with my husband and 11-year-old son in a village called Doorwerth. Since May 6, 2018 we have a new family member: Mr. Binks. He's a wirehaired dachshund and he's so cute! 💟
I used to work in childcare but have been a full-time mother/housewife for the last couple of years.
I'm a vegetarian and an activist (mainly environmental and human/animal rights issues) and my hobbies include visiting museums and concerts, Tai Chi, reading, listening to music and spending time outdoors (spotting wildlife, hiking, camping, etc.).
I've travelled quite a lot. I've lived in London, Wales and Israel and have backpacked through places like Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Australia and Indonesia. Now, with a child and a single-income household, I have to find other ways for international experiences. Postcrossing is a great solution!

I love the element of surprise so anything you want to send me will be much appreciated.
I feel rather disappointed when I read profiles of people who put a whole page of things they love/hate and what -not- to send. After all a postcard is just a piece of cardboard, but it's the thought and time that goes into choosing it, writing on it and mailing it that makes it so special.
I'm more interested in YOU! Let me get to know you through your words/drawings/choice of card. LET'S CONNECT!!! 💫

But... please, no envelopes. I like to see the postage stamps on it.
Could you please date your card?

*Update January 2018:
After 2 years of Postcrossing I still love the personal touch the most. I've had people sketching my avatar, drawing me trees/fantasy creatures/themselves/..., sending me bonus-cards from their holidays and the most beautiful handmade cards, telling me their favorite things in life, or their disadvantages, etc., etc. I love you all for it!
In case you haven't got anything interesting to write (but give yourself some credit; even the color of your socks or the 1st thing you see when you look out of the window is more interesting than just "Happy Postcrossing"), or if you just can't be bothered (may I suggest you start looking for another hobby); could you send me an art- (in all its forms) or nature-card?
I've made a 1 page favorites-wall just for this reason. It gives you an idea of the styles I like most (these are cards I haven't received yet).
It would mean a lot to me to know you had me in mind when you picked and sent the card, even if you're not good with words. Thanks!*

**Please do not delete my scanned images, I like to keep track of the cards I've sent and received. Thank you!**

***If you who are reading this have a blank profile, please consider that you are snatching everyone sending you a card the pleasure of picking the right card for you...***