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Aniron, Poland


(or Joanna) is a member in Poland . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,549 days).
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Lat: 53.31, Lon: 23.28 | Google Maps

About Joanna...

Hello, my name is Joanna. I'm a 30-year-old teacher. I live together with my husband in a small town in northeastern Poland. I like reading books (Dostoyevsky, Bronte, Poe, Tolkien, Japanese & Nordic literature), listening to music (Jeff Buckley, Tarja Turunen, Kamelot, Hozier, Lana Del Rey, Clannad, Secret Garden, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Xandria, Epica, Sissel, Apocalyptica, The Veils, Haelos), watching good movies.

My husband has his own band called STARSABOUT: Right now, they are recording their second album 'Longing for Home'. I'm helping them with writing the lyrics for that new album.

Here's the list of my favourite types of postcards:

► postcards from my Favourites, but these which I don't have yet (compare with my received and Picassa, please)
► FANTASY and GOTHIC ART (subtle, not monsters or childish): elves, fairies, godesses, ladies, mermaids, Snow Queen and other beautiful pictures; works of JOSEPHINE WALL, Cicely Mary Barker, Victoria Frances, Howard David Johnson, Victor Nizovtsev (mermaids) etc;
► BEAUTIFUL (OR MYSTERIOUS) LANDSCAPE from your country (I prefer landscape rather than city view): fjords, mountains, streams, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, stormy sea and other beautiful scenery characteristic for your country
► TREES: old forest, bamboo forest, beautiful single tree (!), leaves
► LIGHTS: northern lights, aurora borealis, storms, lanterns in the darkness
► THE UNIVERSE: planets, moon, nebulas, things connected with the astronomy and the astronautics (but NOT Star Trek etc)
► JAPAN/CHINA: geisha/Maiko, beautiful landscapes, sakura (cherry blossom), ukiyo-e print, Japanese and Chinese traditional art, temples, shrines and other traditional things and famous places
► PAINTINGS AND DRAWS: Caspar David Friedrich, Alphonse Mucha, Thomas Kinkade, The Pre-Raphaelites, John William Waterhouse
► FLOWERS: ONLY water lily, ivy, red poppy, heather, lavender
► BATTLESHIPS AND WRECKS: submarines, destroyers, battleships, Titanic, Bismarck(also wrecks)
► AUTUMN and WINTER landscape

I would be grateful if you could take the list above into account, but of course I will be happy to receive EVERY postcard which you send from the heart. Please, try to show me how many incredible and unique things we can share in this world:)

► Please, NO (!!) animals, food, funny, cute, baby, cartoons, ad, free and self print cards. NO old postcards used as new, please.
► I prefer cards WRITTEN and STAMPED and rather SINGLE VIEWS.
► Could you check in my Picasa Album which cards from your country I already have (especially if you are from JAPAN)?

►Could you tell me the name of your favourite song(s)? I would love to listen to it :)

Thank you!
Have a lot of joy from the Postcrossing:)

Avatar: A. Andrade