Why do some members have a list of expired Postcard IDs on their profile?

Some members post a list of expired postcards on their profile to keep track of the cards that never reached their destination.

We don't encourage this practice, as most of the time, the members who will be reading your profile are those who have been assigned to send you a postcard... and they get no valuable information from reading a list of your expired postcards. Your profile should be about you.

Even if by chance the recipient sees their username and a Postcard ID on one of these lists, they should not register that postcard if it did not arrive.

Keep in mind that mail can be unreliable and sometimes postcards do get lost, are mis-delivered or accidentally damaged during their journey. If you have contacted the receiver and they say it didn't arrive, consider sending a second with the same Postcard ID — it's quite common that a second attempt changes an expired postcard into a registered one.

If you'd like to see a list of your expired postcards, you can do so on your Traveling Postcards page. Please note that postcards which have been traveling for longer than a year are removed from Postcrossing's database, and can no longer be registered.

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