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Why am I not receiving postcards?

If you're waiting to receive your very first postcard, please know that Postcrossing is not a quick hobby. Postcards from large or faraway countries can take several weeks to reach you, and in the beginning this might cause some frustration. Just keep calm and keep an eye on your mailbox! They should be there soon.

If you're a more seasoned member of Postcrossing, here are some common reasons that might explain why you're currently not receiving postcards:

  • You have already received as many or more postcards than you've sent.
  • Your account is set to inactive (which means, it's not being selected to receive postcards).
  • Your address is incorrect or incomplete.
  • You lost a large amount of postcards at a given time in the past (eg, holidays, moving, mail delivery not working as expected).

In case you've checked on all of these reasons and nothing seems to apply, please contact your building's manager, your neighbors and the local post office and try to find where the postcards might be. If you find that your address might not be reliable, consider using a different address or PO box for your Postcrossing activities.

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