What do I do when I receive a postcard?

First, congratulations if this is your first Postcrossing postcard - hopefully many more will follow!

When you receive a postcard from another member, you must register it on Postcrossing. To do that, you need to go to the register a postcard page and enter the Postcard ID. Just look in the text written on the postcard and you should find an alphanumeric code starting with two letters (the country code) followed by a number — this is the code that uniquely identifies that postcard in Postcrossing.

Once you register that postcard, it will make the sender be the next person to receive a postcard from someone else in the system. That's it! Simple, right?

If you have problems reading the Postcard ID written on the postcard, don't give up! Feel free to try as many combinations as possible, as only the right combination will be accepted. However, if you are still unable to register it or if the sender forgot to write the Postcard ID, don't worry — we can help!

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