My postcard should have already been received! What should I do?

You should wait, and try to be patient. Postcards can take longer than you expect to arrive, and there are several things that can delay a postcard's registration, such as:

  • slow postal services
  • the recipient of your postcard is on holiday or temporarily away
  • the recipient does not have an internet connection at home
  • the recipient did not understand your handwriting and is trying to figure out the Postcard ID
  • the recipient is not able to check (or does not receive) their mail daily

Traveling time depends on the postal system of the respective countries so while some postcards may arrive after a few days, it is not uncommon that postcards take over a month to arrive. If a long time has passed (ie: more than a month) since the date in which you've mailed your card, you may try to contact the recipient through private message to ask whether the postcard has arrived (the ID might be blurred, illegible, etc.). Please note that you cannot ask members to register your postcard before it arrives in their mailbox.

After 60 days, unregistered postcards will be set to expired status and you will be able to request another address.

Experienced postcrossers will quickly advise you to be patient — it works!

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