Why am I not receiving emails from Postcrossing?

Don't panic! :) Some email servers wrongly consider email sent by Postcrossing to be spam and discard it. This is beyond our control, but there are several things you can do to try to fix this issue:

  • Check your email account Junk/Spam folder for expected email. If you find our emails in there, try to mark them as "Not spam" if you can.
  • Make sure your email account has enough free space to receive email.
  • When possible, add @postcrossing.com (or postcrossing@postcrossing.com) to your list of safe senders or contacts, to prevent it from being considered spam.
  • Change your email address to one with a different provider. Gmail is known to work and the accounts are free.
  • Check your anti-spam filter. If you are using an anti-spam filter that requires senders to manually confirm that they want to send you a message, you might want to disable that for emails sent from the postcrossing.com domain.
  • If you are using an email address that forwards your messages to a different email address, that may cause issues with receiving our emails. We use an email standard that minimizes spam abuse and email impersonation, but some email providers do not implement this standard and may forward our emails in an incorrect way. If you use email forwarding and are having trouble receiving our emails, try using the final email address instead of using the forwarding one.

If following the suggestions above does not solve your problem with receiving Postcrossing's emails, get in touch and we'll try to help you.

Note: You can always retrieve addresses for your traveling postcards on the Traveling Postcards page.

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