How do I upload or delete a postcard image from the postcards wall?

If they wish to, postcrossers can upload photos of the postcards they've received, or photos of the postcards they're currently sending, but only while they're still traveling.

To upload a postcard image to your gallery, follow these steps:

  1. First, scan or take a photo of the image side of the postcard (not the one with message/address!)
  2. For a postcard you have received, go to your received postcards. If you wish to pre-upload the image of a postcard you are sending (ie: that is still traveling), go to your traveling postcards instead.
  3. Find the row that has the Postcard ID for the image you would like to upload. Use the green '+' icon found in the last column of that row.
  4. Select the image you want to upload. For a postcard you have received, you can also enter an optional description text.
  5. Upload it and that's it!

Lastly, if you wish to delete a postcard image that you have uploaded, go to that postcard's page by selecting it from your received or sent postcards. Right below the postcard image there is a button to delete that postcard image.

Bonus question: Why can the sender only upload the image of a postcard while it is still traveling?

Every postcard's page in Postcrossing is shared between sender and receiver. If both sender and receiver could control the image upload simultaneously, this could cause a cycle of chaos with one person uploading, the other deleting, then re-uploading, deleting, re-uploading, etc.

To avoid this frustrating situation, only one person can upload a postcard's image at a time: before a postcard is registered, the sender can upload it, and after the postcard is registered, this responsibility passes to the recipient, who can choose to upload it. In a way, this control is handed over very much like the postcard itself is given from one person to the other.

Uploading the images is completely optional in Postcrossing, but if it's important to you that images are shown on your galleries, then please consider pre-uploading them while your sent postcards are still traveling.

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