is a country in the continent of South America with a population of 3,449,299 habitants. The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo.
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1. DanielD, Uruguay DanielD
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2. gcanol, Uruguay gcanol
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3. Cata035, Uruguay Cata035
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4. Natyuy, Uruguay Natyuy
199 postcards sent
5. juancol, Uruguay juancol
180 postcards sent
6. Diego_uy, Uruguay Diego_uy
120 postcards sent
7. AlexisLynx, Uruguay AlexisLynx
113 postcards sent
8. Botierto, Uruguay Botierto
94 postcards sent
9. sofi-salgueiro, Uruguay sofi-salgueiro
67 postcards sent
10. magdaUy, Uruguay magdaUy
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fiorellasell, Uruguay LauK, Uruguay Natyuy, Uruguay ilovacai, Uruguay juancol, Uruguay Cata035, Uruguay Diego_uy, Uruguay magdaUy, Uruguay
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