is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 5,758,075 habitants. The capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat.
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1. Leylasha, Turkmenistan Leylasha
578 postcards sent
2. Zulfira, Turkmenistan Zulfira
254 postcards sent
3. TatyanaMukhtarova, Turkmenistan TatyanaMukhtarova
129 postcards sent
4. Jeren, Turkmenistan Jeren
108 postcards sent
5. Mary_the_Queen, Turkmenistan Mary_the_Queen
105 postcards sent
6. Aynura, Turkmenistan Aynura
83 postcards sent
7. Bookworm27, Turkmenistan Bookworm27
45 postcards sent
8. LeyLLa, Turkmenistan LeyLLa
37 postcards sent
9. godnesnika, Turkmenistan godnesnika
26 postcards sent
10. Gulshat-Emily, Turkmenistan Gulshat-Emily
18 postcards sent

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TatyanaMukhtarova, Turkmenistan Zulfira, Turkmenistan July_J, Turkmenistan
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