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Nederlandse Postcrossers: je kunt me erg blij maken met persoonlijke postzegels en andere zegels die niet bij het postkantoor te koop zijn (ook gestempelde).


Hi fellow Postcrossers,

I like to travel and to send and receive postcards. I look forward to receiving your card!.

If you're reading this because your next card will be addressed to me and you want something to go on, I posted some themes I especially like below (in no particular order).
But if you don't have a card with any of those themes, it's fine; just receiving a card will be great!

Just one request: please do NOT provide my address to (commercial) third parties, so I definitely do not want to receive Touchnote and such cards.

Some preferences (but certainly no demands!):

-church organs
-cards from the 'send an animal' series:
-Doctor Who (also the UK stamps, used ones are very welcome as well)
-Meryl Streep
-Sophia Loren
-Romy Schneider
-Celine Dion
-photographs by Andreas Gursky and Ruud van Empel
-designs by Fornasetti
-Dan Dare (unwritten if possible)

I collect stamps with animals, sports, planes and trains (as well as USA and Canada stamps), so if you happen to have those to use on the card that would be great. If the postage is not more expensive it would even be perfect to have those kind of stamps on an envelope with the card inside (and maybe some extra used stamps for my collection if you could spare them). That way I can have the stamps without damaging the card.

Happy Postcrossing!

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