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About Arian...

I love:

"The Witcher" TV Series.
Game of Thrones.

Baking, Pastry, Cakes and Chocolates or any confections you may feature from your country. Farmland, horses breeds etc. Currently collecting confection pictures from different countries and I would like to feature my collections in my future little bakery.

First Choices:
Cakes, chocolates, desserts and confections in your country or just about any food picture popular in your country. Local food is my go to item and first on my list when I travel.

Second Choices:
Photos/artwork of Guinea pigs or rabbits.
Cats and dogs.
I have lots of pets like them :D

Gothic churches, Old structures and abandoned historical sites.
Autumn Leaves.
Street Arts
Vintage Arts
Victorian Arts
Signature of Famous People/ Autograph
Lightpost, less travelled roads, crossroads
Peaceful places, Farm photos
People watching.
Underwater creatures.
Weird architectures and buildings.

Anything representing your country and your travels, or anything you feel and you are happy sending is welcome with all happiness.:)

Cards not registered/ Expired:
SG-313029 Germany
SG-310845 Russia
SG-310606 Russia
SG-310605 Russia
SG-310597 Taiwan
SG-309432 Russia
SG-304587 Russia
SG-303249 China
SG-299655 Russia

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