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About Annemarie...

Hello dear postcrossers,

My name is Annemarie, and I live with my husband and little dog Bobbie( a Jack Russell) in Valkenswaard a place near Eindhoven.
We have 3 kids and 4 grandchildren.( 2 boys and 2 girls).
I a retired endoscopy-nurse since april 2017 and enjoy my free time very much!
My hobby's are reading (romans and thrillers),watching series and postcrossing.
Since a short time I am a an administrator of a child's wanderbookcase.
It's a kind of bookcrossing for kids, so nice!

During postcrossing I discovered how many cute cards excist and so it would be great if you could send me a postcard from my wishlist
Here are cards I really want to get (or similar ones from your country.)

I made a list with examples, and every time when I see a nice card, I take a look which artist made it and put it on my wishlist.So, that's why my list is so long and it keeps growing!
If you send me a card of my favorites, maybe it's possible you write it on the card, so I can remove it from my list......

Editions des Correspondances!
Nouvelles Images cards with multiple objects.
Aquarupella cards.
Nice and colourfull pictures of food,cake,chocolate,pie, cupcakes, tea or coffee.
Sylke Leffler.
Inge Look.
Rolf Lidberg.( Elves and Trolls.)
Suzanne Woolcott.
Irina Zeniuk.( Belarus)
Susan Wheeler.
Nina Chen.
Lorrie Mc.Faul.
Corinne Demuynck.
Mila Marquis.
Mila Gablasova.
Krtek- The mole.
Kaarina Toivanen.
Elsa Beskow.
Sigute Ach.
Zdenek Smetana.
Josef Lada.
Thomas Kinkade.
Virgi Pekkala!
Minna Immonen
Martha Wendelin.
Rebecca Dautremer.
Nouvelles Images cards.
Anna Saveleva Varella.
Irina Smirnova.( also from Russia, I heard.)
Vladimir Arzhevitin.
Cards off Lia Selina (Kozyavki)These are Russian cards they told me.
E.Gapchinska ( from Ukraine).
Donald Zolan.
Inga Paltser.
Sasha Salmina.
Marja Pitkaranta!!!

If you are from France I love the following cards from:
Anne-Sophie Rutsaert.
Marie Cardouat.
Valerie Willame.
Marie-Anne Foucart.
Gaelle Boissonnard.
Anne-Julie Aubrey.

Dear postcrosser from France,
I DO like the French cards ( drawn) of little houses or shops.
There are a few at my favorites.

I am not so fond off citycards, free cards and self-made cards, please send them to people they like them.

Will you please date your card?
I wish you good luck and happy postcrossing!

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