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About Hui-Ya...

Hello! 你好!

My name is HuiYa, 24 years old.

I live in Changhua, the Midwest Taiwan.

My favorite color is purple. I like all purple things.

I like to watch sports, especially baseball, tennis, badminton, volleyball.

I collect washi tapes, dream-catchers, badges, postcards, stamps and postmarks as my hobbies.

I like Disney, Winnie the Pooh is my favorite cartoon character.


1. GF from origin
(Already have: Japan, Philippines, USA, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands)
2. WT from origin
(Already have: Pig, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Macao, Ireland, UK, South Korea)
3. HPC from origin
(Already have: Germany, Indonesia, South Korea)
4. WOW from origin
(Already have: Japan)
5. WOW cuisine from origin
(Already have: Malaysia)
6. ICONS from origin
(Already have: Thailand, Vietnam)
7. FOTW from origin
(Already have: EU, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, UK)
8. MCPS from origin
(Already have: Japan)
9. Country Flag from origin
10. Stamp Flag by Papersisters
(Already have: France, EU)
11. US Map
12. US State Facts
13. Large letter US State
14. Europe Map
15. Forest Girl by Aeppol
16. Keep Calm
17. Lali Riddle
18. Meet-up Card
19. Russian Doll
20. Shaped Card
21. Illustration Map Card
22. Pig/new year card with pig/new year stamp in 2019

If you don't have any postcard like the above, just send me what you like. It would be very interesting to see which card you will choose for me. I think any postcard for me would be wonderful and carefully chosen.

If you are thinking about what to write, you could:
--Share your favorites/hobbies with me
--Write a quote/poem that you really like
--Introduce where you live or your hometown

I have a dream of going on a working holiday. If you have any experience or suggestion, please feel free to share with me, I really appreciate.

For me, Postcrossing is an opportunity to meet new people and to know more about the grand world. I feel like I've traveled the world through the postcards you guys send to me lol.

※I have a request. I have some difficulties in reading cursive writing. I hope you can write in block letter so that I can understand clearly what you have written for me. Thanks a lot!

Last, please remember to write down the date and ID on the postcard.

All the best to all of you. Happy Postcrossing~

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