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xstitcher81, Finland


(or Anna) is a member in Finland . She has been a member for over 3 years (1,101 days).
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  • Distance sent: 2,649,815 miles
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  • Languages: Swedish, Finnish, English, German, Norwegian, Danish, basic Italian, learning Dutch
  • Birthday: 25th September
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Lat: 63.10, Lon: 21.62 | Google Maps

About Anna...

I am currently learning beginner's Dutch and Italian, so if you can write in Dutch or Italian, feel free to do so!

I collect bookmarks. I will be happy to receive any of your bookmarks if you want to send them to me.

Avatar: My cutie Miss Nelson!

I have many hobbies; cross stitch, crochet, knitted socks and much more.

I love Formula 1 (Kimi Räikkönen!)

Here is a wishlist, just to give you some ideas:
- cats
- Street cat Bob/James Bowen
- Inge Löök
- Kaj Stenvall
- Alexander Maskaev (cat & mice)
- Irina Zenyuk's cats
- Tom and Jerry
- Jan Van Haasteren
- Zdeněk Miler's mole
- Viktoria Kirdiy
- any kinds of animals/birds/fish/spiders/frogs/snakes...
- teddy bears
- Tatty teddy
- different cultures (Native Americans, Amish, Egyptian, Russian dolls, geishas or Kokeshi dolls, aborigines...)
- people wearing national dresses / folk dresses
- any holiday you might celebrate (Pi day, St Patrick's, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, Easter and many more)
- Saami people
- royal families (I love the Swedish)
- famous landmarks
- Mt. Everest and other mountains/volcanos
- Schloss Schönbrunn & the people who lived there
- Terho Peltoniemi (Hörölät)
- Virpi Pekkala
- Keep calm
- Postcrossing
- miniature people/doll house
- castles
- World Trade Center / Eiffel Tower / Statue of Liberty / Mount Rushmore / White House
- Titanic
- Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Garfield, Moomin, Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh
- Zodiac signs (Libra)/Chinese zodiac signs (Rooster)
- stamp postcards
- books/old papers/quill/ink pot
- vintage posters/ads
- flags/coat of arms
- Albert Einstein
- sunset
- smileys/emojis
- mushrooms
- flower faeries (especially Cicely Mary Barker), gnomes, trolls or similar
- mermaids
- dragons, unicorns, dinosaurs, other extinct animals (i.e. mammoth)
- Rolf Lidberg's trolls and tomtenissar (santa's elfs)
- Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe
- Hunger Games trilogy
- Divergent trilogy
- LOTR/Hobbit
- Star Wars (especially Yoda!)
- Anne Frank
- stained glass
- planets/moon/stars/nebulosas
- aliens/UFOs
- planet Earth
- space shuttles/NASA/astronauts
- Formula 1
- paintings
- different religions
- rainbow flag (modest)
- ancient/archeology
- Chronik-Karten
- Cake Boss Buddy Valastro / Carlo's Bakery
- symmetrical patterns / word clouds
- postcards with the name of US States/US maps
- US presidents
- Elvis Presley
- crochet, knit, yarn
- cross stitch pattern cards
- birthday cards in September
- anything from my Favorites

All postcards are of course welcome. But please, real postcards! (No cut outs from cereal/other food boxes and similar.) I don't really like handmade cards.

Favorites show postcards that I HAVE NOT RECEIVED, but WOULD LOVE TO! Take a look, maybe you have a card from my Favorite wall? :) I update the wall every now and then.

Don't worry about doubles! I already have some. Even three of the same postcard!

Please write at least something on your postcard! If nothing else, write Hello! in your native language!

Thank you!