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About Barbara...

Hi! My name is Barbara. I´m a 42 year old mom of Milla (10) and Elena (6). Working at a Railcompany and married to Maikel.

When I was young I had a lot of penpals. I remember the excitement when a letter or postcard was in the mail. Maybe saving it for the evening to read it without being disturbed. Extra fun it was when there were little surprises like stickers or something inside. Later at highschool I had this friend Mirella who I exchanged notebooks with, near-works-of-art and a complete diary of that time.

I love to read fairytales and fantasy. My favorite fantasy creatures are dragons, love them!

On TV I like Outlander, Friends, That 70s show, The Crazy Ones, PLL, Suits, Velvet, Alta Mar, Las chicas del cable, Orange is the new black, Game of Thrones and Grey’s Anatomy.

Animals I love are birds, peacocks, flamingos, sloths, tigers, elephants, butterflies, koalabears and owls.

Also I like playing board games, singing, going to the theatre, musicals, sewing, dresses, Flow magazine and salsa.

You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest as postcrossingxira.

For some more inspiration on what to send me:
-old, black-and-white and sepia pictures
-3D cards
-funny cards
-cards with your own picture
-handmade cards or envelopes
-old trains
-Alice in Wonderland
-moon and stars,rainbows,(errupting) volcano’s,storm/hurricanes
-flowers,Cherry blossoms
-Martin Wiscombe, Santoro Gorjuss, Silke Leffler, Jolinne, Limoon -Camilla d'Errico, Mila Marquis, Aimee Stewart,PaPaYa, Pip Studio
-Mokaffe, Kazuko Taniguchi, Candy Bird, Juri Ueda, Amy Sol, Inga Palzer
-Lorrie Mc Faul
-Where's Waldo?

But if you do not have cards like that or you feel you have to send me something else or you have a card you really like yourself and you want to tell me about it, thats great too! I do love envelopes by the way, it gives me a feeling of unpacking a present... which every postcard is of course :)

Anyway, I think it would be fun to get to know you a little through a postcard...

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