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About xTuomi...

I am Tuomi from Czech Republic. Coming from a small town but currently living in Prague.
Tuomi is not my real name. It´s a nickname my dear Finnish friend gave me and means Prunus padus - type of a tree in finnish lanague.

I decided to draw all postcards by myself. Depending on your interests I will most likely send you card specially made for you or it will be a copy of one of my drawings I made in the past.

I like nature, art, design and architecture. I like reading, hiking, swimming, drawing, and much more!
I love studying foreign languages so I will be happy if you write me something in your native language. :)
Also, I like different cultures and habbits so you can write me some interesting habit or tradition which is special for place you live in.

I like cards with:
• Interesting places of your country or city
• Nature (specially forests, rivers, lakes and sea)
• Art
• Space
• Maps
• Keep Calm postcards
• Cute cards
• Happy birthday cards in May

I will be happy to recieve really anything. But if possible, no ad cards, please. :)

x Tuomi