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About xCherry...

I would like to be a magician, a time traveler, a blue scaled mermaid. Instead I have to settle for muggle, very amateur photographer and (hopefully) always a learner of new things. I've always loved snail mail & collecting postcards.

(Edit 2017)
I have severe health problems at the moment (I won't bother you with details), and it's my dad who goes to post my mail as I can barely walk. My mail is also brought to me. It is really hard for me dealing with all of this, but I know I can't give up. I need to stay positive even during the hardest times. It's easier said than done, but I'm thankful to every person that's kind enough to give me a cheering word.

Postcards may be only pieces of cardboard, but only a "hello" or a kind word will improve my day. If you are writting to me, thank you.
(/Edit 2017/)

I also enjoy anime & manga, reading, gaming (Animal Crossing, Pokemon, rpgs), writing, tv shows (I love fantasy and sci-fi), and things like Miraculous Ladybug or Steven Universe. Detective books, detective shows... Detectives!

I was born in the chinese year of the dragon, so that's an important animal for me :)

My cat is important too. She's my only pet at the moment. I've always loved cats :)

You can talk to me about any of this :)

I'll be ok with any postcard, as long as it's not obscene, or religious (buildings are ok, but no dogmatic/christmas/easter cards), or violent against animals or people. Anything else is welcome, and I'll be happy to receive it :)

In case you don't know what to send, here are some clues ^-^ But please, don't worry too much. I joined postcrossing thinking it was about touristic postcards. Before joining I had no idea people could show me so many things in postcards. And I thought illustrated postcards were very rare!

So here's what mainly catches my attention:

-Touristic postcards / Views (I prefer singleviews ^-^)

-Nature: landscapes, flowers, animals, or just show me something :)

-Fireworks (I doubt anyone has this, but it's one of my favorite things, so I'm including it just in case ^-^) Look at them and make a wish!

-Illustrations (Always a good inspiration for writers :D)

-Anime (Like Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, and I love everything Studio Ghibli)

-Riddles (I know this is more for the written part... Probably. But I like detective things and I hate to be bored, so if you know any good ones send them my way)

Thank you for reading all of this, dear postcrosser!

Please, write some words on your postcard ^-^ I like reading what you have to tell me :)
If you don't know what to say, here are some ideas:

-Last book/manga you read or movie/anime you watched
-Do you follow any TV show?
-Songlyrics (& translation if needed)
-Do you have any pets?
-If you were a fantastical being, what would you be? Why?
-If you could have any super power or magic ability which would you pick? Why?
-If you had a time machine, what would you like to see?
-If you prefer to draw something instead of writing that's fine

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