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woso, United States of America


(or Sheila_And_Walt) are a group of people in United States of America . They have been members for over 3 years (1,197 days).
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About Sheila_And_Walt...

We are Sheila and Walt. We joined Postcrossings because we love to travel and always meet amazing people. We don't think it is mentally healthy to stay home in the USA all the time when there are new places, perspectives, and ideas to be discovered elsewhere. We have been to England, Wales, Scotland. Ireland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden (the last 3 on a cruise), Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Canada & Mexico. On Nov. 30, 2016, we returned from Tokyo!

While this is not a place for politics, we must say this: we are embarrassed and enraged by the words and actions of "president" Trump. He engages is fear-mongering and bigotry. This is NOT the America we know and love. Sorry.

We've been married 27 years. No kids, but we do have 3 cats (Jameson, Guinness, and Chronos), 4 dogs (Simon Pugg, Darwin, Watson, & Nummie). Our animals are shelter rescues. We also have 3 frogs and a bunch of caged hissing cockroaches (they stay in the classroom...we are both teachers).

At home, we enjoy cooking international recipes, reading, old bookstores, and science. We have brought home lots of travel souvenirs and feel like our little house is a mini museum of our travels. Walt is a science teacher, specializing in astronomy, genetics, and biology, and he runs a robotics club for his 12 & 13 year old students. I (Sheila) am a literacy specialist and teacher of 8 and 9 year olds, working in a public school that is a World Language Academy - the students are learning English, Spanish, and Mandarin. In the evenings, we watch DVDs of Doctor Who, Star Trek, or other fun things and relax in our little studio, making all kinds of paintings, greeting cards, scrapbooks, quilts and other crafts just for fun.

We would love to hear from you on any kind of postcard. If you want suggestions, we enjoy:
* Postallove!
* animals
* roads/paths that go off into the distance
* science or real space, science fiction, robots
* reading, books, libraries
* night themes (spooky or cities at night or whatever)
* Doctor Who, Sherlock, Loki, Norse mythology
* Queen of England, Keep Calm and...
* Vampires, Zombies
* David Bowie, Freddie Mercury/Queen,Pink Floyd,Zeppelin
* The color blue
* American Football, Notre Dame Fighting Irish
* Tattoos
* Petroglyphs/archeology
* Buddhism, temples, shrines
(Fav list shows cards we've received, not cards we still want)

Send a card that makes you happy and tell us why you like it. Please share what is happening in your life and your community. If you want to add your favorite quote, book, or yummy recipe, it would bring us extra joy. As teachers we would also enjoy cards that we can use in classroom displays. Sheila's elementary school has an annual multicultural fair in May, and we could use postcards showing maps, national symbols, historic places and people, national dress, etc.

If everyone belonged to Postcrossing, the world would be a happier place. Have a peaceful day!