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About Wolf...

We now live in Ettingen, 15 km far from Basel., it is not a suburb , it is a "Dorf". Living here with my beloved wife Kirstin.
My daughter and sons are all living on themselves for a long time. Now I am senior (Rentner). My former profession was educator and I worked with children / young people in a psychiatric ward.Today I am driving the school bus for handicapped children . My hobbies are: traveling, collecting stamps, electric trains, jokes (humour)and a good glas of wine and fine food with our friends.
Originaly I'm from Berlin, lived my first 25 years on the
" golden island " Westberlin; went often to the East :: GDR, CSR ,
Russia, Poland, Lithunia etc. mostly 1965 to 2005.
Now together with Kirstin, we are traveling around Germany,
France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenija, Polska, Lietuva, Monaco and 2017 to Sibiria , Baikal, Olchon , Irkutsk., Moskva, St.Petersburg.
Often we go to Schwarzwald and Alsace ( We love France ...) And Europe ...

My children from the first 2 mariages : Olli 48 y. living in Trier - 3 children, Kim 46 y. - adop.
from S.Korea in the age of 2, has 3 children , lives near Reutlingen/ Germoney. Moritz 26 y. loves men, lives in Basel / Social work . Nicolas 24 y. scout, benjamin, studies history and sociology at the Uni Basel. , lives in Basel in a community.
He is a little bit a revoluzzer like his father...

Some words to my wall / favorites :
I'm not a sex-maniac. I love beautiful women and men.
If children participate on Postcrossing - please parents,
tell them, that nudity is not a point of shame. I respect if
somebody - espc. children - does not love this kind of
By the way: I do not like " shades of grey ".

I would love to have a stamp-exchange-friend in Japan.still. ( May 2019 )
Woudt You please contact me.

My address :

Wolf Lutz
Schiblismattstr. 1
CH - 4107 Ettingen bei Basel
If You like to contact me directly - use my e-mail-address :

Freue mich auch über Post einfach so.
Habe inzw. ca. 1o sehr gute Brieffreundschaften über Postcrossing,
meist in Russland und der BRD.
Auch Briefmarkentausch / stamp-exchange .
I must say I love Russia and its humans.
Oh, excuse me, but I do not love so much multi-view-cards,
envelopes welcome ... All type of philatelistic items,
what I dont need, I will give to other Postcr.people ........
Give aways and donations make the world go around ...

Love & Peace


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