willemienwol, South Africa

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I love all postcards and maxi cards, but anything with flowers will please me even more. So let them roll in!

SPECIAL REQUEST: I am a postcard collector. Therefor I prefer written, stamped and postmarked cards if possible, or otherwise mint (unmarked) cards. If for some reason you have to send the card in an envelope, it's OK with me - just please, in that case, don't write on the card or mark it in any way; rather include a note. I'm not trying to be unreasonable, but postcards that are written on without a stamp/s and postmark, have no use for a postcard collector. I also experience that people send greeting cards (folded cards), although this is a postcard exchange project. If it's all you have to send, it's fine with me, as long as you also please don't write on it or mark it in any way.

Visit the website above to see postcards that my family and I designed.

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