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Friday, 18th February 2022.

An update and edit since I last did anything to my profile back in 2017!

I mentioned then that I thought that the postal system (South African Post Office) has lost the plot.

I was encouraged to consider becoming active again when I saw that a South African PostCrosser who joined as recently as 2020 has received and sent postcards numbered in the 40's.

Lets exchange postcards while putting an interesting message on the back (the so called boring side - until you fill it!) of the postcard.

What is interesting? Virtually anything. It maybe mundane to you but to a person in another country what you write about will, almost certainly, be interesting to read.

I do have some preferred postcards. In terms of the reasonable rules/guidelines of Postcrossing, they are just an indication!!:

Post boxes,
Steam locomotives,
Locomotives in general, including diesel-electric and electric,
Pin-ups by the likes of Gil Elvgren and similar artists,
Nudes and erotic.

Having said that I am quite happy to receive what you feel you would like to send me. There is so much to discover and see in the world. To be curious is to be alive!

Just a note in general. I have taken to inserting website addresses in my message on my postcards I send out. These websites may relate to something I have done recently. The purpose is to expose more of South Africa to you then I can achieve on the back of a postcard. Most, if not all, of the websites have a photograph gallery. That is the purpose of adding them into my message.

Maybe those of you reading my profile would like to consider doing the same thing. I would really like to look at your recommended/suggested websites.

2017 to 2022 moved from the coast deep inland and have been back on the coast for two years. Need to settle down!

Best Regards,


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