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About wayness...

Hello to the people who might write to me :-) I’m glad we have Postcrossing during these crazy days. I’ve been staying home because I’m frickin scared of the virus.

About choosing a card for me, usually I’d prefer something that's not a tourist or view card if possible. (No multiviews, cats, Rockwell, Kirdy, Pixar, holiday stuff or cards in envelopes if you don't mind.) And please write to me too, I’m always happy to see a lot of writing on the back of the card.

Some suggestions if you like to have them to go by:

cards from museums (not views)
puzzle postcards
coaster postcards
new UK stamp card, 3D, shaped, square, One Piece (not wanted posters), tarot, moody painting with windows, C.D. Friedrich, Kupka, Roerich (my collections: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93797982@N02/sets/)
art with a rose, sphinx, waterfall, moon, ocean, sun, ship with sails (no boats please) (art > photos for me)
particular artists: Gustave Moreau, Blake, Ernst, Doré, Magritte, Schinkel, Alma-Tadema, Carrie Chau, Munch, Menzel, Roerich, Bosch, Moebius, Rousseau, Koons
Indian (from India) painting
monster, imaginary creature (except fairies :-p)
book illustration, library (Not into photos of books)
Dalai Lama, Napoleon
stage/costume design, theater related (not buildings or views)
fantasy, SF, mythology, fairy tales
maxicard, stamp card
mystery genre
mural, mosaic, tapestry
paintings within paintings
unusual material/size, coaster card
gold, silver, jewelry
nice botanical garden
silhouettes, reflections
Alice in Wonderland (except Rackham)
smiley looking dogs
busy, detailed picture
handmade if you like art
card found under unusual circumstances
weird, funny, beautiful, generally interesting
cool stamps if you have any

Don't worry if you don't have anything on there, I love getting mail so send something you like and I'll be happy to see your card in my mailbox and read your message.

P.S. I do Postcrossing for the communication so I’m most interested in the message on the card. I'd prefer to read more specific things about you than about broad hobbies or things about your town. You could write about random thoughts, your favorite book, movie, quote, song, food, TV show, a poem, doodle, recipe, a dream you had, your philosophy, regrets, the news, what's been going on lately. What’s it like where you live? Do you believe in fate, free will, randomness, parallel universes, something else? Have you read, watched or cooked something good lately? Do you ever have recurring dreams? How has your life been changed by the virus? If your life were a book what would the title be? Have you ever had a paranormal experience? What's your philosophy? What is the meaning of life? I am interested in reading about you, hope to hear from you soon :-)

P.P.S. When writing my address it's better to write the 1 as one line or the postal machines might think it's a 7. I think some mail has been misdirected this way.

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