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About Nial...

My name is Nial, I am 39 and live in the beautiful medieval city of Wells in the lovely county of Somerset in S.W. England.
I am a communications systems engineer.

I am somewhat of an introvert enjoying spending time by myself more often than not...
I do love getting outdoors walking & exploring with my faithful dog & companion, Harkness who is a Jack Russel Terrier.

I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the UK with amazing walks, climbs & caves.

I love driving 'green lanes' exploring in my 4x4 to find hidden places, views & features in the most hard to get to places using old paper maps combined with modern GPS & satellite views & my beaten up 1986 Land Rover that goes anywhere!

Coffee is my indulgence of choice and i cant start the day without a double espresso.

My most favourite thing is the magical Discworld series of books by the late great Sir Terry Pratchett who I was privileged to know personally along with the other fab men and women who helped bring Discworld to life and expand it into film, TV, the stage, models, figures and artwork. I collect Discworld models and art capturing the magic of the books.
My favourite Discworld books are Jingo, The Truth & Night Watch.

I also love and enjoy good TV and Film.

I love designing and making. I own a couple of 3D printers & laser cutters. I create all sorts with them. I also love wood turning onmy lathe and enjoy making pens, bowls, candlesticks etc to make a little extra pocket money.

I still play WoW and after 14 years I admit I may be a little addicted.

My favourite bands are Stone Sour, Green Day & The Hives but I also enjoy more alternative music from the likes of Ben Folds & the Mountain Goats.
I play guitar & use a Mick Thomson signature Jackson SL2. I record & edit my own music using Reaper on my MacBook.

I am fascinated in hearing from people all over the world so If you are looking for a UK pen pal then let me know.

I truly love to receive any cards of any design from anywhere!

My favourite themes are:
Old/Interesting street signs of all kinds
Plays & stage shows
Computers & games
Modern or vintage technology
Russia & Ex-USSR - Vintage, Tech, Putin, Lenin, Stalin
SUV/4x4's (Land Rover, GMC etc)
Fender, Jackson & Gibson Guitars
WW1 & WW2
War Ships
Political Satire.
Dark humour
Propaganda cards (Cold War, USSR, China, N.Korea etc)
Robots & Robotics
Any Maxicards

I LOVE receiving cards with doodles & drawings on, they always make me smile so please doodle away!

I always try to find a card to get close to your preferences as well as finding suitable stamps from my cache!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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