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About Yen_Chun...

I'm Yen-Chun from Hsinchu city, Taiwan.
You can call me "Yen(彥)". :)

I study history, education and some geography and art.
I like to travel, discovers different place in the world.
And I also like reading books.
○(* ̄︶ ̄*)○

in this time,
I want to receive XMAS or Pig Year card or Meetup card,
if have the same kinds or nice stamp is better. XD
●A small request●
Please look at my "Favourite" or "line",
If you can, please send me "Special or Unusual" stamps. :)

PS. send WITH "stamps" and WITHOUT envelopes.
Thank you very much. \(* ̄▽ ̄*)/

I love received 『Colorful Postcard』, like:
★地圖(Map),ex: USA-state, other country...etc.
☆極限(Maximum) or 異型(shape), ex: Gotochi...etc.
★畫作(Painting work),ex: Mucha, art, illustration, 內田新哉, 藤城清治, fairy...etc.
if you from Russia, I very like this Kinds:
I have those :
☆書or書店(Book or Bookstore)
☆歷史建築(Historical building),ex: uneaco, castle, church, museum, university...etc
★氣候(Weather),ex: northern lights, rainbow...etc.
☆自然or鄉村(Natural or Village’s scenery), ex: forest, cherry blossoms, ginkgo, maple leaves...etc.
★動物(Animals),ex: cute or special animal. :)
☆卡通(cartoons),ex: Garfield, Studio-Ghibli, Snoopy,
Moomin, Hello Kitty...etc.

*Any kind of you choose I will welcome very much,
but please don't send me about 『Commercial-AD card』.

Happy Postcrossing !! :)

● Expired ●
JP-1140792 Ehpad69 FR
TW-2657651 niegoedsnicky NL
TW-2682346 mooomin RU

●●● Over A Year Up ●●●
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