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About Vanessa...

Hello everyone!
My name is Vanessa and I am from Germany! I am 24 years old an actually I am studying Spanish and French in München.

I like reading, meeting with friends beeing around a lot of people, having fun!
I love spanish ska music and the german band "die ärzte" I am a big fan of them!

If you send me a nice postcard it might be that you will refind it on my blog which you can see above :) so visit me! I'd be very glad :)

follow me on instagram @vanessas_postcards

Please no oversized postcards - I keep my cards in albums and the big cards don't fit in there

I wish:

- SINGLEview
- pin up (for russian postcrossers: I love the pinup cards from
- postcards related to the TV Shows Friends and BBC Sherlock
- cards from Postcrossing Meetups
- Diddl Maus
- Polacards
- Keep calm
- everything about Frida Kahlo. I adore her ♥
- Tom of Finland! (stamp or card or both ☺☺)
- hinduistic deities
- flag cards with the flag of your countries
- Quotes
- any crazy cards/cards you fear some might find inappropiate

****Special Task! Please draw me a little frog ♥****

However, these are just wishes. I enjoy almost every kind of mail

If you don't mind please do not:

- send your card in an envelope
- send your card blank! I always enjoy learning about other countries
- send seasonal cards (as christmas, eastern)
- send folded cards
- send already used cards
- send "cards" made out of cardboxes (like cereal boxes or something like this)
- send a card you do not like yourself :)

Porfavor a todos los hispanohablantes: escribenme en español
Et si vous parlez francais vous pouvez M'ecrire en francais!!

If you like to send me a card from another country, I really do not mind :) In fact, "rare" countries are highly appreciated!

I enjoy languages very much, so if you like - write the card in your native tongue. No translation needed, I like a challenge :D

I am always willing to do a private swap! Just message me!

If the card you are sending to me fits in my collecion, I will upload a scan. If you see me not uploading your card, that don't means that I don't like it, I just don't have the time for uploading every card :)

If you don't know what to write on the postcard please tell me what you can see on the postcard and why you have chosen it.
As I publish my postcards on my blog - please tell my what means "hello friends" in your native language! :)

Happy postcrossing to all of you!

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