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About Tanja...

Hi - nice to meet you via Postcrossing!

My name is Tanja. I´m 45 and I´m living near Solingen, the so called 'City of Blades'. I love juggling, geocaching, board games, traveling (especially Iceland), getting up early in the morning, chocolate, the cry of cranes, books which look read, the smell of warm bread, bumble-bees, the sound of waves, sunflowers, the blue light just before it gets dark - and I constantly wish I had more time to do all the things I like!

I am an author, I write all-age fantasy in german (Raukland-Trilogie) under pen name Jordis Lank. My third book was published recently and I am veeery exited :)

————— I´d lo♥e to recei♥e —————
♥♥♥ cards concerned with librarys, books or writing
♥ birds or butterflies or bees - we keep bees!
♥ nature (landscape, animals, ...)
♥ Season greetings in december
♥ Anything *you* like - I´d love to know why!
Or see my favorites!

I also like nature and animal stamps a lot, but of course I am happy with everything you sent me!

If you don´t know what to write: You can tell me about your pets, your hobbies, your travels, what you like to read, your culture, your dreams, your secrets - whatever you want ;-)

I register the day I receive and I upload every card (this might take a long while, I´m happy if you do it for me!)

Can´t wait to hear from you!

Have a great day,

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