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About Sammy...

— A little bit about me.
Hello, you! My name is Sammy. A young postcrossing
fanatic residing in the Netherlands. I'm a huge cat lover
and lucky enough to own three incredibly sweet, yet oh
so mischievous cats myself. I greatly enjoy traveling and
it is a dream of mine to explore the world little by little.
I'm also a big movie enthusiast and absolutely adore
writing. Be it by keeping a journal or in the form of
exchanging postcards. Postcrossing has been a
wonderful, all time favorite hobby of mine for many
years, for it has given me the opportunity to connect
with and meet people from all over the globe!

In order to get an idea what kind of postcards
I like, please have a look at my favorites!
There's hundreds of cards to be seen here,
which I am certain should give you a good
impression as to which postcards hold a
particularly special place in my heart.

I happen to be a big fan of Elvis Presley,
so I would be over the moon to receive
postcards with his picture!

Thank you for taking the time to read
all of this and Happy Postcrossing!

[ I enjoy most postcards, but I'm not a huge
fan of the following cards, so please save
these for someone else (: Babies / children,
handmade cards, religious themes,
erotica or nudes, free ad cards. ]

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