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tbkba, Russia


(or Mara) is a member in Russia . She has been a member for over 10 years (3,796 days).
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  • Languages: english, русский, 日本語
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Lat: 55.75, Lon: 37.62 | Google Maps

About Mara...

Hi, my name is Mara, I'm a book worm.

I'm married, and we have a son we love a lot. He's a preschooler now, and that's a lot of energy and running.

I work in a software company as a system analyst.

I have a scottish cat Boo.

Also I'm a novelist, write fantasy stories (in Russian only at the moment). My self-pub page is in my profile summary. I guess I'm not the best in this, but I enjoy the process a lot.

I like collecting stationary: notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, envelops, stickers, rubber stamps and so on.

I like playing Civilization (including Beyond Earth), but my son does not leave me much time for this activity :D

Here's a classic part on what I would like to receive:

* Please do send me anything about books.

* Anything related to texts: calligraphy, types, alphabets of your country, or texts written with scripts of your country.

* Handmade cards are welcome.

* Unusual cards, artistic cards, eastern ink paintings, photos of porcelain, bone china, fabric, textile, patterns, tracery, fractal and recursive designs.

* Space. I mean cosmos, stars, planets, astronauts, space stations etc.

* I'm a big fan of old cities and architecture, like classicism, gothic, modern, baroque… Anything of traditional architecture of your country or region is very welcome. The same goes for industrial architecture, lighthouses, prominent factory buildings, manufacture, works, and anything unusual in street design solutions.

* Holiday cards on holidays (and it doesn't matter how famous this holiday is, it may be your local event).

* And if possible, please, don't send me any insects, including butterflies (insects on stamps are ok, this refers only to cards).

If you do not have anything of the above, I will gratefully accept any card you decide to send. From time to time I get these "sparky" cards I would never dream of or even imagine they exist, and this is the most exciting part about postcrossing.

I have a sweet tooth for anything Asian: paintings, street views, portraits and so on. If you're from China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, India, Japan, Korea or any other Asian country (too many countries to list here, so I'm sorry in advance if I didn't mention yours here), I'm looking forward for a direct swap with you.

I don't register cards I didn't receive.

P.S. Just in case you have anything related:
if you are from Japan — I love Gackt
if you are from the USA or UK — maybe you have Star Wars stamps?
if you are from Belarus — Natasha Chetkova's card would be lovely :)
If you have any film or cartoon related stamps — you're very welcome to put them on your card!

Thank you!

Russian language part: я люблю, когда ко мне обращаются на "ты", не стесняйтесь