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About Susanne...

Hi, my name is Susanne and I live in Recklinghausen, the city of the Ruhr festival (Ruhrfestspiele) in the west of Germany.
I'm married and we have a 13year-old son.

I'm an avid reader of real paper books :-). I especially like novels and I love to write and receive letters and postcards. I have a very good friend living near Vancouver and we started our friendship as penpals in 1986 (!).

You can send me any postcard you like. But these are themes I especially like:
-vintage style
-books/book related,all things related to reading and writing
-mailboxes / mail related
-autumn/fall - Christmas/winter, when it's this season...

I am a paper lover and stationery addict. If you like to decorate it and when it is not more expensive for you, it would be great to receive your card in an envelope. It would make my day completely, if you could enclose one or several airmail/priority sticker from your country in your envelope.

Can you also date the card? That would be great!
I'm looking forward to your card.
I'm using instagram. Perhaps you like to take a look at my account (see above under website/blog)?
Many thanks for taking your time to write to me!
And many thanks for reading this :-)

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