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About John...

Hello everyone,

I am a committed Christian who believes in Jesus as my risen Lord and Saviour. I once was an atheist/agnostic who struggled to believe that God was real. Many years later I am 100% certain of the power and creative qualities of God. I am not ashamed to say that I pray and read the Bible on a daily basis. Jesus is amazing!!

I come from Bonnie Scotland and live in a place called Aberdeen. I am married to a lovely lady from South Africa.

My hobbies include: reading, travelling and of course receiving lovely postcards. I am looking forward to getting some nice postcards from all over the world. If it is possible please send a postcard of your country or city and I like multi-views. I like a lot of sport so please send football stadiums or any stadium of any sport to me. To my USA friends, if it is possible, could you try and send something on the Chicago Bears: the stadium, Walter Payton, anything on the mighty hibernating bears.

From my Russian Postcrossing friends, I have been to Russia and would like to return one day, so please recommend a place to visit apart from St Petersburg or Moscow, can you help please?

Also, let us pray for peace in UKRAINE. We should pray for Russia as well as many people in Russia are not in favour of this stupid war! I do not want Postcrossing to boycott Russia or Belarus, as we are better than the evil dictators of those countries. 19 years ago the UK and the USA invaded Iraq, were we punished or shunned from the world as a result? Double standards?

If a card is sent from Japan to me, could you send me a rugby world cup from 2019 or maybe something on Sumo wrestling please if possible? My favourite sumo wrestler: the late great Chiyonofuji in my opinion the greatest ever.

Can I just educate some of you. The UK is made up of four nations: Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. I live in the part called Scotland. I am happy to be called Scottish/ British. The royal family is British, not English. As for Scottish independence I am 100% against independence. While I am saddened about Brexit, may the UK and Europe be respectful of each other.

Also, please send a Christmas card whenever you want. Christmas is a festival that I like, not the money side, rather the true meaning, so I would prefer the Nativity, but I like all aspects of Christmas including Santa who is really Saint Nicholas.

My profile picture is the cricket test match between South Africa and Australia that was played in Port Elizabeth on March 2019. The bowler you see is the great Kagiso Rabada.

I will consider swaps, but we must agree on cards please.

Can you please scan, as the scanner we have makes the postcard look tiny, many thanks.

Take care my postcrossing friends and God bless you all, for I firmly believe God loves every single human being including atheists. Why hate, when we can love each other.

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