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About Soumya...

Hi there, this is Soumya Manvi. I live in southern part of India. I love love love to read and write. I often scribble a lot.. And I like my cards well written.. I like getting to know you through postcards and through short written verses of your letter.. And receiving postcards in envelopes delights me.. Along with postcard I like to receive something like small coffee powder packets or currency note or bookmarks or used stamps or magazine covers or short stories, something pretty.. As I like writing I recently set up my blog and I am quite armature at it.. Do visit the link and read the articles.. And also, I am interested in private swaps.. Let me know if you are into it.. I will send you a postcard of your preference.. I am looking for pen pals.. Write me a email or just send me a message through postcrossing website ..
happy postcrossing 😀

My preferable cards
( it is OK if you cant send one of these, im thankful for all the postcard you are willing to send me :)
. Labrador dogs ( I am obsessed with them)
. Books ( half of my heart)
. Coffee (something I love)
. Verities of food or food that is famous from your place ( food is life, duh)
. Flowers (they are pretty)
. Fruits (they are tasty)
. Butterflies ( they are Sooo beautiful)
. Northern / Aurora lights ( they are majestic and mystical)
. Anything vintage ( my other obsession)
. Black and white ( that's classic)
. Princess Diana ( Ya, she is my other obsession)
. Polar bear ( I love them)
. Meadows ( they make me feel calm)
.orchards ( I like them)
.Anything pretty ( I love pretty little things)
. Eagles ( I am very fasinated by them)
. Nancy drew ( my favorite series)
. Enid Blyton ( my favorite author)
Dear american postcrossers if you can please send me something related to Taylor swift.
Happy postcrossing 😊

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