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About Patrycja...

My name is Patrycja (37). I am originally from Poland, but have been living in London, UK for more than 10 years now.

Full time mum of two little boys, degree in anthropology, Cub Scout Leader.

I love traveling, meeting new people and learning languages.
My major interests: geography, history, also history of art and history of religion.

As about postcards:

First of all, can you please be so kind and check my collection before choosing a card for me. I constantly receive duplicates and it really is disappointing. All my received cards are uploaded here: Thank you in advance! :)

Postcards I would love to receive:

- related to Scouting (in this case AD cards are fine)
- Madonna and Child (!)
- I ❤️ ... (please, only associated with cities, regions or countries.. eg. "I ❤️ NY!)
- church organs (pipe organs)
- Stained glass windows
- UNESCO World Heritage Site in your country
- Castles, Palaces
- places of worship (churches, temples, synanogues, mosques)
- museums and libraries
- any other famous building or monument
- something related to the history of your country
- landscapes, National Parks
- folklore, festivals, national costumes, customs and so on
- important people of your country such as Royalty, politicians, writers, Nobel Prize laureates, national heroes...
- stadiums and other sport venues
- postcards commemorating important events such as olympics, royal weddings, anniversaries of all types
- popular tourist attraction from your country (single view much appreciated)
- postcards, that you can buy ONLY in YOUR country or city

I'm NOT a big fan of: cute animals, nice pictures without any particular location and things like that.

NO AD-vertisement,
NO ordered prints such as Zazzle, Touchnote etc.,
NO self-printed or home-made cards!

I like my cards written and stamped!! :)
I would be very grateful for the information what is on the card you're sending. (Especially when there is nothing printed on it).

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you and Happy Postcrossing!

GB-258974 Ahiru, Taiwan
GB-308707 GAOYIDING, China
GB-320985 koktejl, Belarus
GB-326580 oryz, Indonesia
GB-384028 Fried17, Netherlands
GB-384932 kormenolka, Poland
GB-392126 Meghatrona, USA
GB-403401 Johnson Tsai, Taiwan
GB-419339 unipack2, Russia
GB-444184 Fille_de_Provence, France
GB-450674 Postak, Czech Rep.
GB-465842 Galy-Chony, France
GB-470612 elsielau, Hong Kong
GB-478785 Zhenichka12, Ukraine
GB-480916 droy91, Spain
GB-489088 mervetyz, Turkey
GB-503206 CrestedMama, USA

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