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About Ruth...

HELLO! I'm Ruth from the Philippines. I LOVE traveling, and while overseas I would usually send postcards from my travels to myself. It's great to find a site that lets me get postcards from others.

I would very much appreciate nice stamps because I like collecting them, too. :) If you have used stamps that you have no use for I'd be so glad to receive them! Friends in US, I adore the John Lennon and dragon stamps. If you have them, I hope you can use one on the postcard that you'll send :)

You can tell me ANYTHING! What you had for breakfast or your favorite food to eat for lunch, your work or hobbies, a weird dream, a line from a song / poem / book that keeps popping in your head, your favorite haiku, your interests, the latest skill you have learned or trying to learn, how you greet good morning / good night in your language. :)

If you need help in picking a card, below are some ideas of the themes that I collect.

>> Maxicards!! Special postmarks / fukei-in
>> illustrations of Natural history, botanical prints
>> ART! Paintings, graphics, tattoo!, pop art, street art, graffiti, street photography, calligraphy, typography, prints, urban sketches, museum pieces, collage (ie. Nick Bantock)
>> Illustrations of your city / country. Illustrations of food in your city / country.
>> Vintage/Ancient maps. Transit/Rail maps.
>> Everything Alice in Wonderland; Ghibli's/Miyazaki's Spirited Away; Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)
>> Ukiyo-e / Japanese block prints
>> Cultural / traditional piece from your country
>> Postallove's GF / Nissan WT cards from country of origin
>> Unusual postcard shape / material

Promo / ads are OK if they have the same theme as my interests. :) Please no poorly made or self-printed cards.

These ideas are not obligations. If you don't find a postcard with any of these themes, don't worry. Maybe you'll find me something else than a tourist card. I would be very happy to receive a postcard from someone other than myself. ;P I'm looking forward to what you will send. Happy postcrossing!!

P.S. For direct swap requests, I would like to receive postcards related to my interests. Feel free to message me. :) You can also check my swap account on instagram:

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