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silvinicus, Argentina


is a member in Argentina . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,411 days).
279 sent 283 received

  • Distance sent: 2,245,168 miles
  • Last seen: 30 days ago
  • Website:
  • Languages: Spanish; English; Portuguese; Learning Papiamento
  • Birthday: 31st January 1994 (24 years old)
  • Interested in direct swaps: Yes Click to learn more about direct swaps
  • 10th on most postcards sent from Argentina
  • 10th on longest distance sent from Argentina
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Lat: -31.41, Lon: -64.18 | Google Maps

About silvinicus...

Hello to everyone! My name is Silvina (neither Silvana nor Silvia) and I'm a geography student at the university. I love postcards besides other things that I enjoy collecting like stamps, banknotes, coins, lapel pins, bookmarks and red envelopes (hong bao).

About my preferences... (in no specific order)

- Feminism (can be also an AD card or pamphlets from social organizations)
- Maps
- Global warming (related to protect the environment, recycle and so on...)
- Violence against women (can be also AD card or pamphlets from public state, non- governmental organizations)
- Universe
- Fox terrier breed
- Tiffany lamps
- Tea
- Birds
- LGBTIQ community
- Marine turtles
- Important buildings
- Flags
- AIDS or other sexual diseases (it doesn't matter if it's an AD postcard or a pamphlet)
- National traditions (costumes, dishes, recipes)
- Sports (athletes, stadiums, special events)
- Art
- Scooby doo
- Anime (Ranma ½, Slayers, Ghost sweeper Mikami, Inuyasha, Sakura card captors)
- Hello kitty
- The new yorker
- From Czech Republic: Black light theatre of Prague and J. Votruba's illustrations
- Unusual postcards (circle shape, maxicards, 3D, wooden, gotochi)
- Films
- Nudity
- Soviet Union's propaganda
- Postcrossing cards (Czech Republic, Guernsey, Russia and Slovenia are still missing)
- From Russia:

Behind the postcard...

It will be good if you can tell me what is “happiness” and "death" for you; how are you feeling today; what do you think about the world nowadays; why are/ aren't you a religious person; the most usual thought in your mind; and what do you like more and less from your country (I'm thinking in things like current government, policies, society).

Some suggestions:

- If you can put stamps behind the card related to any of my preferences will be really good.
- It's up to you to send it written and stamped or in an envelope. By the way, if you can add something like a tiny coin, a tea bag, a piece of newspaper, magazine related to feminism, I will appreciate a lot!
- You can recommend me a good book, a movie, a song.

○ Postcards from any country are really welcome! ♡