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About Silvija...

I am 58 years old, my name is Silvija, I have two kids.
I enjoy life at the fullest, I am a spiritual person who likes to read. I am enjoying Yoga, and reading all kinds of poems. I also write poems, I work in a school with children from 4-12 years. . I love to travel and explore the world and I am a big fan of ASIA , and its my intention to travel the world as long as my legs will carry me. I enjoy the feeling of freedom it gives me. I was In Japan, Taiwan, India and Thailand and my next stop will be NEPAL! I respect and adore all kind of people, black or white, yellow or red, I dont mind, the world is beautiful passion, music, flowers, nature, animals, mexican food, pizzas, mindfullness, I like to live in the present.
Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite authors, but also Marianne Frederikson and a lot more. I adore our dog , a border terrier named Chester.But also our guinee pigs and hamster are the animals I love to care for and cuddle with! I want to walk in the forest, out in the fields.
live is passion, passion is my life! It would be very nice if you write something on your card.
I like any postcard especially :

_ I would love to receive cards of AUDREY HEPBURN,
the Beatles
-Frida Kahlo
- I adore ELEPHANTS but NOT a card with an Elephant doing a tric! I am against Elephant riding, circus or any other tric! only elephants who are in their natural habitat
- CELTIC cards all kinds of cards with celtic things are welcome
-I love ALice in WONDERLAND!
- all kinds of birds especially my favourite one the ROBIN
- cards of hamsters or GUINEE PIGS
-Women who are READING
- Royalty
- All Japan cards , KAWAII cards!
- cards of Barack Obama
- books, libraries, people reading
- Black and White cards
- Moomins
- Hello Kitty
- Nouvelles Images
- Special food from your country

-, traditional wearing
- India and Hinduism
- Buddha
- Birds (humingsbirds Robins ice birds
- art cards (especially showing women)
- people of Finland :i really adore your Aurea Borealis
- Japan: Geishas, Mount Fuji, blooming cherry-trees
- coffee / tea time cards, coffee shops
- a street, an alley, a fire escape
- a store front (a shop from the outside)
- people relaxing or working (especially women)
- people dressed in local traditional clothing (especially women)
- a cottage in the countryside
- cards of nature

- elves, angels!, butterflies or mytholical creatures or stories from your country
- cards with DONKEYS or OWLS or on it!
-poems in your language,(maybe you can translate it for me) words in your language
-trees, fields, seasons
-religious activities and persons
-beautiful people in national costums!

I really appreciate if you like making cards yourself, but im not very font of it, i have already a lot of them also add-on, or self=printed cards are not my favorite!

show me your beautiful country and i will be very happy.PS I do not like anything that has to do with war or agressio

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