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About silvernero...

Yo! Nice to meet you! I love learning new things, especially about someone's culture or life!

My favorite hobby is sleeping :D But I also like writing, photography, doodling,

I don't have any particular preference for a postcard, but I'd really like you to surprise me! Something you've probably never sent anyone or have never received from anyone before. It would be awesome too if the picture on the postcard means something to you, and you can tell me all about it! But I'll love any postcard you send me :D

Adding words in your language and its translation would be neat too! Perhaps your favorite phrase or word in your language.

Anything about your life and culture will be appreciated! Tell me anything about yourself, I'm sure it will be interesting!

For those who really have no idea what to send me, here are suggestions:

- cats
- hologram postcards
- Foxes
- Strange stuff
- Musical instruments
- Vintage
- Dane Dehaan/Ben Whishaw/Cate Blanchett/Tilda Swinton
- Cloud Atlas
- Illustrations/paintings/drawings
- Something that makes you feel sad or lonely
- Something with a witty or funny quote
- Book related
- Game of Thrones
- Anime
- Deadpool
- Dark designs or illustrations
- Musicals
- Shape postcards
- Sherlock
- Artemis Fowl
- Rick and Morty
- Travel
- Meetup postcards
- Maxicards

But I'd really love anything that has meaning to you :D

Thank you in advance haha

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