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About Shannon...

Hello stranger!

If you are reading this, you are probably going to send me a postcard. That's so great! I'm glad it's you. Yeah, you.
Or perhaps it's just curiosity that brings you here.

I've never met a postcard that I didn't like. My interests vary between valiant and villainous, random and obscure so don't be shy. Send me a postcard that you love, hate or that crazy, dark or twisted postcard that you are saving or hesitate to send to "just anyone." Please, no ad cards. I dream of an overflowing box of quirky postcards with unique stamps to brighten my day. My “favorites” are ideas of cards I have seen that I would love to add to my collection. I would also be thrilled to receive Postcrossing stamps!

I work in a law firm as a paralegal and enjoy watching television, movies, reading and listening to music. My Shih Tzu dog is named Tzari Amelie Doux Amour (TADA!). She goes by "Sorry" is CGC certified and is the most fun. I love pandas and even have a panda tattoo. 🐼

It's nice to meet you and I can't wait to hear from you. Tell me anything you like. The picture of a postcard is its body but the writing is the soul. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to let me peek into your life. Albeit fleeting, it is very meaningful.
Thanks so much! To be continued...

SURPRISE, SURPRISE...(with many *Thanks* to another Postcrosser for this idea!)
Do you have a friend or relative whom you want to surprise?
Then do the following:
1. Instead of selecting a card for me, pick a card you think your friend would like.
(Please, not bigger than 12 x 22 cm, no folded greeting cards or square cards.)
2. Write on this card only the address of your friend and send it to me in an envelope.
3. Attach a postcard or note with the postcard-ID and anything you want to write to me.
4. As soon as I get your envelope, I will register the ID and send the card to your friend with some surprise greetings from me.
5. This is just one of my silly spontaneous ideas, if you don't like it, send a card as usual... :-)
6. This offer is only for those people who have drawn my address for an official ID.