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About Anita...

I am a single young-at-heart mother of 2 grown up children, one still lives at home. I also have a black and white house cat. I am very interested in wildlife and am trying to develop my garden into a wildlife sanctuary.

I would be interested in any card except advertising.
Specifically though
- waterfalls, water mills and water features, (lakes, rivers etc)
- windmills (not windfarms!)
- wildlife of your country
- places of interest in your town/country
- night pictures & sunsets
- bridges
- aerial views of buildings or towns
- clocks (not church clocks)
- your home town/country
- maps of states of the USA (NOT Missouri, Wyoming or New York)

Please send cards without envelopes and put the date that you got the details from here (not the date you posted it, if different).

I would be interested in cards with photos that you have taken yourself, if they are of good quality and contain the above areas of interest but should NOT contain pictures of your pets or children.
I would also prefer NOT to receive multiview cards. Cards with a single picture are preferable. I would also prefer cards that are from your own country.
I am a vegetarian so please do NOT send cards with dead animals made into food, costumes or any other item.

I always register postcards on the day I receive them :)

I no longer have any postcards of William & Kate, so please save yourself the time in asking!

Expired postcards (4)
GB-226767 to urmelsusi in Austria sent on 16th May 2011
GB-233455 to mellorobhy in Spain sent on 13th June 2011
GB-262450 to wilmo in Canada sent on 3rd October 2011
GB-273728 to Poedel in Netherlands sent on 14th November 2011

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