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scrapbookartist, Canada


is a member in Canada . He has been a member for over 9 years (3,503 days).
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About scrapbookartist...

My name is Stephen. I am from Scarborough, Ontario Canada.

This is a list of postcards I would like to receive but if you don't have any of these postcard than send something that you think I will enjoy. I will like any postcard that you send to me.

- Keep Calm postcards
- silly photos of cars, animals, people
- Lego
- antique cars, cars painted up artistically, fire trucks
- WWE wrestlers
- famous people from past or present
- movies, and tv shows
- superhero movies (eg Batman, Spiderman, Superman)
- clowns
- cartoon characters past or present (I am into the Minions right now.)
- Norman Rockwell paintings
- maps
- Royal Families, country leaders past or present
- Odd shape postcards

On your postcard, please tell me a bit about yourself, your interests, the photo on the postcard. If you don't know what to write on the postcard, then translate the description of the photo that appears on the back of the postcard or draw something.

If you are from Belarus, could you please attach a Postcrossing stamp to the postcard.

If your child/children is involved in Postcrossing, let him/her write a message, add stickers, draw a picture, etc. Let your child/children get involved in this hobby.

These are some suggestions of postcards I would like if you live in the United States.

- United States - I am collecting postcards of US Presidents. So far I have postcards of Presidents Obama, Kennedy, Carter, Lincoln, Reagan, Washington, Clinton, Coolidge, Grant, Hoover, Polk, Roosevelt (Franklin), Jackson, Trump, Jefferson, and Bush Sr.

- United States - I am collecting postcards of US state maps. These are the ones I need to complete my collection.

Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island