scoozie73, Netherlands


About Linda...

I am a single mother with a daughter of 16 years.
after nearly six years living with my dad, he deceased in 2013 from cancer.

I've been writing since 2010 on my own weblog.
I write about different things, personal or media or just something funny.
end of 2015 started to put online webstories of a series of stories I write about the fiction village CottonsHall.
my goal is to publish a book and realize me dream as a writer.

on the weblog I have every Wednesday an item about postcrossing.
no names are mentioned, only the country where a card is coming from or going to with pictures of the sent and received cards.

I have no real preference for what kind of card you can send me.
but I love writing and reading.
I also love American things like animals, nature parks to cities or whatever you can think of in America. Los Angeles is my favorite city.
but cultures of other countries I find very interesting too.
choice is completely up to you what you want to send to me!

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