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scandalous, United States of America


(or Jennifer) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 9 years (3,349 days).
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About Jennifer...

Hi there.

Usually, this textbox is filled with whimsy, quirkiness, and silliness about me. While I'm still all those things I am more than that. You can read about that part about me here on a page with what my profile normally states:

Unfortunately, my little beautiful world got turned upside down after a long battle that never should have happened to begin with when a former roommate situation went straight beyond HELL. You can read about it and more in vague amounts on my blog in the section called Little Mom, Big City.

That said, this is the plea of a mother and her cub. I have been a long time Postcrossing lover (and now supporter) for over half a decade. Your postcards have lit up my world so very very much. I seek your light and love now more than ever.

My son and I could very much so use your support and love in any fashion you may feel inclined to do so. If you wish, you may send support in the easiest way:
Please write me your love and thoughts and the phrase #SaveJonas on a postcard (I'm highly wanting Buddhas on cards if possible but anything you may want to send is completely welcome obviously.. for fun you can look at my list above too)

Things with this and other family matters have been a whirlwind of tragedy. Not all of it has been written about yet. I'm doing my absolute best to remain as positive as possible and embrace the magic and whimsey that is my "normal" artistic every day like you'll see in my posts online as well as my linked normal wishlist summary. As part of that process, I've serendipitously moved to Northern California for a bit to explore, adventure, and work hard through the storm. I'm back to active on here again finally after a much-needed sabbatical. I've missed these cards so much. They are amazing!

That said, I'm super interested in YOUR stories! What's something that you've overcome? What is something that makes you smile? Do you have a secret or something ridiculous to confess? I'd love to hear about it!

For those interested in trades (and/or pen pals!) I'm currently flittering back and forth from Southern California and Northern California so if you're wanting a card from either end of the state I might be able to make that happen!

Thank you all for your love & light. May blessings and enlightenment fall on all of you in darkness as well as bright times.