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About Sarah...

I'm in my 50s, married, an American living in the UK. We have an Engish bull terrier dog and a parrot.

My interests include drawing and painting, reading, history, movies and TV, birds, nature, wildlife.

If you need some ideas of the kind of postcards I like, here are a few:
* birds, animals, and insects
* children's book illustrations
* vintage
* flowers and gardens
* natural landscapes
* Moomin
* bridges, tunnels, and other feats of engineering
* transport: trains, ships, airplanes (especially Concorde)
* architecture
* historical
* art
* your local village, city, or area
* local tourist attractions
* and many more - I am easy to please :)

Homemade cards are welcome!

Pretty or interesting stamps on the postcard would be wonderful too. I love stamps!

If you have trouble thinking of something to write on the postcard, you can tell me what you think about the picture on the card, what you did or are doing today, a little about yourself or where you live, your favourite quote, film, book, or music, whatever you like! I love connecting with people via Postcrossing! :-)

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