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About Ilnah...

Hello, everyone!
My name is Ilnah, I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

I know Portuguese, Spanish, English (and I'm studying Japanese) so, if you know any of these languages you can write in them (but if you write in japanese, please use hiragana on top of the kanjis).

-I'd love to receive postcards of your city/country (or anything you find interesting)! But here's a list of things I like if you want to send me something different:

🐦🌿 I study Biology and I really like birds (specially parakeets) and plants!
⛵ I like boats and ships;
🎥 I like movies and I enjoy anime;
✔️ I LOVE Studio Ghibli movies, so if you have any postcards of their movies, send it to me!
⛩️🍁 I love and want to visit Japan, Canada (I like Toronto Maple Leafs), Argentina, Cuba, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland;
⚽️ I like soccer and sports in general;
✏️ I love Steven Universe, Adventure Time and 90's and 00's cartoons;
🎨 I like Van Gogh and Monet!!!!
🎮 I like video games (Zelda, Animal Crossing, Super Mario and The Last of Us specially!!)

📫 "Where's Wally" postcards;
📪 "Greetings from...", series by postallove;
📬 "World Travel" by Nisan Design
📭 "What do you Know About..." and "Food Series" by Wow-cards (
📫 "Icons of Countries" by The Postcard House (
📪 Japenese friends: I love "世界遺産アートポストカード" -

If you don't know what to write you can tell me:
--About you/your daylife/your city!
--A secret;
--About your crush;
--About someone who annoys you;
--What's your favorite food or animal;
--What you think of Brazil,
--If you think Ross and Rachel from "Friends" were on a break or not...

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