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About Martyna...


I'm Martyna, bookworm, nerd, med student from Poland, future doctor (hope so). I collect memories and stories, and I believe everyone has their own wonderful, unique story to tell - I'm sure you also have one to share, feel free to fill a postcard with it! I'd love to read some about you.

What kind of postcards do I like? Oh, you know, I'm a geek. I love everything related somehow to medical, anatomical stuff and I'm also into Sherlock Holmes, Moomin, Tolkien, books, foxes (ah, foxes are so cute!), cats, birds, you can send me a lovely view from your country, engravings, floral stuff... Generally, I'm open for everything you'd pick for me. I don't like only ads, handmade and old cards.

I love fully-written postcards with, if it's possible, many colorful stamps. And... could you write the date you sent the postcard, please?

Thank you and have a nice day,

PL-941682 to Russia (25 Aug 2014)
PL-972413 to Russia (1 Nov 2014)

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