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About Rose...

Hello! My name is Rose Marie. I live in a English seaside town with my parents, five cats and guinea pig. I like reading books, writing stories, taking pictures of nature, looking after my desk plants, playing console games and watching Netflix. I especially love science fiction and fantasy. I am a massive Doctor Who and Star Trek fan! Games I love include Animal Crossing and Pokémon Sword. My favourite animals are cats and whales. When I get the time I also really like visiting museums and looking at art!

If you are stuck for ideas of what to send me you can look at my favourites or the suggestions below. Please note that these are just hints at what I like. I appreciate all postcards sent to me and love being surprised! Please can you date the postcard?

Postcard themes:
- Nature, animals, plants, cats
- Ocean, sea creatures, especially whales!
- Space, the universe, anything science fiction or fantasy
- Disney or Pixar
- Winnie The Pooh
- Dinosaurs, historical
- Book covers
- Illustrations, art, comics
- Studio Ghibli
- Any TV show or movie

Postcard types:
- Hologram/ shiny postcard
- A Maxicard (stamp and postcard similar or related to one another)
- A postcard you picked up in a museum
- A colourful postcard
- A black and white postcard
- A postcard that is shaped
- A postcard that has an animal that lives in your native country
- A birthday postcard (January 28th)

Things you could write about:
- Share a recipe with me
- Tell me about the last dream you had
- Write about the area you live in
- Do you believe in aliens?
- Do you believe in the afterlife?
- If you could be an animal which would you be?
- What fictional world would you love to live in?
- If you could have any superpower what would it be?
- Write down your favourite poem or make one up yourself!
- Tell me what your favourite book, movie or TV show is
- If you like to draw/doodle/paint then please do so!
- Write something in your own language and translate it to English

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